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My core business philosophy is built on the idea of thinking “we before me” – to move from a narrow perspective and to think of the bigger picture. Therefore, it may appear quite contradictory to launch a personal website which, regardless of perspective, revolves and turns around oneself. However, my aim with this website is to branch out beyond my usual activities while, simultaneously, using this site as a connection to my businesses within THORNICO.

Through our global conglomerate, THORNICO, we are involved in different business sectors, namely, food, food technology, packaging, sport & fashion, real estate and venture and all our 100% owned companies share the core value of Company Karma.

The aim of this site is thus to provide an insight into what inspirations that lie behind this value-based approach and the way we do business in THORNICO. Hopefully, this website, furthermore, provides an insight into what has shaped and formed my more private lifestyle choices as well as information about my books and when and where I give lectures and speeches. I will also share my interests, personal thoughts and sources of inspiration.


Enjoy the ride, good karma and energy

- Christian


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Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.

- Allen Ginsberg


Luis Prada

Dreaming in the Venezuelan Andes

Since Luis was a child, he dreamed of being an artist. When he finished high school, he had the opportunity to work at a tattoo studio where he did his first tattoo, which made him realize that this was what he wanted to do with his life. After having worked as a tattoo artist in first San Cristobal-Venezuela and later in Bogota-Columbia he heard of a tattoo convention in Denmark that a friend told him to participate in. He participated in a tattoo competition there and won first place in neo-traditional after which he was headhunted to work for Iron & Ink where I met Luis for the first time. After that, he has done numerous of my tattoos, more than 10 and he has been so kind as also to do the drawings you will see on these pages.

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