Picasso took showers to get new ideas. Jørgen Leth takes a walk...... Can the rest of us learn from this and in that case, how? Lene Tanggaard and I have written a book about creativity and how we can all learn to work with our creativity both in a personal as well as cooperative business.

We both believe that everyone has the ability to become even more creative and that it is important to become so. Creativity and inventiveness are essential abilities which we should all seek more. It is a lot about getting the information about how creativity works; that is a good way of getting started. You know, you cannot force creativity; however, you can enable it. We think more creatively when we think slowly.

The brain thinks in different modes: Quick thinking when a child runs out in front of your car and you make a quick reaction; Medium thinking when we are analysing problems; and Slow thinking when we are thinking creatively. This means that we can facilitate creativity through a slow focus around the subject of matter.



Also important is the idea of quantity equals quality, exploring the edge of the box, thinking in cross-pollination and exploring other subject matters. We do not become more creative just by being different since we must create something which has value to other people. A deeply found knowledge or know-how is requisite for creativity since it is often on the edge of different areas, the edge of the box, that something creative will bloom.

We have interviewed quite a lot of the most creative thinking minds in Denmark and the book describes the impact a shower, a walk or even a break has on each interviewee’s creativity. Lene and I also share our own experiences and how we practice creativity in our work.

‘In the Shower with Picasso’ features interviews with amongst others Ami James, Peter Kreiner, Bjarke Ingels, Søren Raasted, Ingolf Gabold, Jesper Elg, Peter Stenbæk, Jørgen Leth and designers and creative directors from Lego.


The good news is that everyone has the potential to be more creative at work and in their personal lives. The question is, do we dare? This book takes a unique look inside creativity's black box, learning from Danish personalities and organizations that have made an impact across the world through their various forms of creativity and imagination.

It is designed to inspire and teach us how to bring out the true creativity in us and apply it with imagination, confidence and courage in our work and life.

‘In the Shower with Picasso’ was translated into English in 2014 and has since been translated into other languages, including Japanese, Korean and most recently Chinese.