One of my favorite quotes, and this to such a great extent that I have it on my business card (old school; I know) is by the poet, writer and activist Allen Ginsberg, who passed away 20 years ago. The quote goes, “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness”. It is for many different reasons I find the quote important, wherefore I also included it in my speech to my lovely goddaughter, Maria recently. We shall dare to let the madness in, or in another word, wryness in.

That includes our private life, but also in business. When visiting the most productive innovation centers in the world for example in California; Palo Alto among others, very few looks alike, though to look different can also be a uniform á la the series, Silicon Valley! Sometimes, I meet between the fact that you can wear funny glasses, have tattoos, from time to time attend curious television shows, and still slog away and form as well as drive relatively reasonable businesses and companies, and sometimes with a portion of luck.

It is in my belief that it is possible because, if companies’ solitary is made up of men with an average age of 46,5 years, dressed in light blue shirts and with an interest in marathon races, then I simply don’t believe that it will seem very conducive on the ability to innovate, the creativity, the long-term ability to grow, including the number of IP’s and new productive products that come out in the end. The light blue shirts should of course also be there, but not just, “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness”.



16 January 2023

Jeg kom lidt sent til hendes forfatterskab, men det er bestemt et besøg værd (som hendes musik). Var initialt ved at gå lidt kold i den magiske realisme ex. i form af et talende skilt...


14 January 2023

Alice siger, at jeg bliver lidt for obssesiv, når jeg først får en grille i hovedet. Ved ikke hvad hun mener med det. Nuvel; 300. Ingen lændeklæder, men en samling af de...


14 January 2023

Kender I sådan en aften, hvor man falder i et musik rabbithole?! Det gjorde jeg i lørdags og det endte ud i denne improv. 100+ playliste med nogle af mine yndlings tracks...