Maybe the best book ever about raising children!? Economist Bryan Caplan has written the book 'Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids' an anti-tiger art - mom work. His basic idea and conclusion is that we hyper raise and micromanage our children far too much; that instead of considering our children as small projects to be cocooned and preferably play or take lessons in 4 things before reaching the age of 6 years, and relax because, firstly, we can not affect our children very much, as well as stress in the family is negative.

A big part of the book is based on studies of adopted children and twins that are raised differently in different families. In the short run, there are noticeable differences, but in the long run, it is very limited, ergo nature and biological inheritance play a greater role than nurture. Not an exact science and I do not agree with everything he writes, but certainly refreshing and inspiring and suggestion to loosen up a bit more.

By the way, apropos, my good friend, Professor Lene Tanggaard, told me that overstimulated children are actually less creative. So probably not a bad idea to let them be bored and let them run around in the yard or garden a few hours without necessarily waking over them like a hawk, or coming to their rescue, the second they just sit and stare into space. If the family is on a high level of stress in a period, it's probably okay for the kids to watch a cartoon or for father and mother to take a date night. Do neither father/mother or son/daughter feel that playing football three times a week is very funny, then drop it; is Brian Caplan's recommendation, at least. Enjoy and let them roam free



16 January 2023

Jeg kom lidt sent til hendes forfatterskab, men det er bestemt et besøg værd (som hendes musik). Var initialt ved at gå lidt kold i den magiske realisme ex. i form af et talende skilt...


14 January 2023

Alice siger, at jeg bliver lidt for obssesiv, når jeg først får en grille i hovedet. Ved ikke hvad hun mener med det. Nuvel; 300. Ingen lændeklæder, men en samling af de...


14 January 2023

Kender I sådan en aften, hvor man falder i et musik rabbithole?! Det gjorde jeg i lørdags og det endte ud i denne improv. 100+ playliste med nogle af mine yndlings tracks...