And here is a writer of whom I in recent years have become more and more, yes love is perhaps not the most precise choice of words, however  whom I have become so fascinated by and drawn to. The many reasons but besides that - which probably comes as a surprise to many - he is also easy to read and very entertaining, so you also become wiser in such a real professional way as his particular literary, political, historical and philosophical references are so numerous, thus I often read his books with wikipedia (which everyone knows is a precise reference tool) - It is a joy to hear about a permeated and distorted well-known writer or philosopher whose name you have never heard. And although I thought that I'm pretty geeky with this kind, this kind continues to show up quite often and forth on the pages.

The book is actualized by its theme - which certainly is and oughts to be awakening thoughts, because of its correlation to the attack on Charlie Hebdo, which does not fill as much as you might think. In addition, the book's protagonist Francois is the same age as myself, so maybe there is a hint of something recognizable there. Nomatter - give Michel Houellebecq a chance!



16 February 2024

Vinterferiens favorit ørehængere har været, in random order, et par klassikere som Sam Harris Making Sense og Huberman Lab, men også nyere favoritter som The Gray Area og Weird Studies...


12 February 2024

Imagine one thousand suns in the sky at the same time. Let them shine for one hour. Then, let them gradually melt into the sky...


03 February 2024

Christian Kracht er et besøg værd, omend mine forventninger til hans forfatterskab var så store, at jeg næsten kun kunne blive skuffet, hvilket jeg også lidt gjorde...