”Remember gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne!“

I have Churchill’s quote tattooed on my left calf and this for a reason. Champagne is for sure worth fighting for since it, for me, is both taste-wise the best drink available and a very interesting, almost a mythical and magical drink from an empirical but also from a theoretical; historical and production-based, point of view.

For me, making champagne is alchemy for which reason it is a very interesting process too; slowly moving from only reading about and tasting it, to also making champagne. The plan is to come with a new Stadil et Stadil champagne every year made together with partners in Champagne and where we over time involve ourselves even more in the production process.

The first is called LE NON MOI for the reason I describe on the back label.

LE NON MOI; French for anatta or no-self. Proust said that we are only alive when we are in the non-moi. When we lose the sense of something permanent and let go of our ego and self-consciousness. This being through meditation or even a glass of champagne. 



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12 February 2021

Flaskens ånd/mere visdom i gammel vin end i gamle bøger? Når man er blevet lidt smånørdet med noget/har en interesse indenfor et felt, så er det jo et privilegie at møde de bedste...