I hate inspiration. It takes you over completely. I could never wait until it passed and I got rid of it” - Henry Miller. That being said, below you will find a bit on what inspires me. There could be something in the rubble to inspire you too.

Forbes Interview

Exciting talk with Professor and PhD. Robert C. Wolcott; published by one of the worlds most respected business publications and platforms FORBES.



05 February 2016

And here is a writer of whom I in recent years have become more and more, yes love is perhaps not the most precise choice of words, however  whom I have become so fascinated by and drawn to...


03 January 2016

A bit like sex and pizza - Tarantino is never really bad. Asccording to several reviews the movie is for better and worse. Talk, talk, talk, kill, talk, talk, talk, kill.... However, mostly talk in the first act...


15 November 2015

It is an interesting and relevant themse that Sisse Fisker gets into with her book. A study of what the cultures and people living a long a good life are acutally doing....or not doing to keep the spark of...


17 October 2015

Now that we are talking entrepreneurship and now that "Løvens Hule" (Dragons' Den/Shark Tank) is running, I have have to recommend this book - one of the best business books which I have ever read...


20 September 2015

The "networking" wall from this year's Happy Startup Camp in London. You simply write what you need help with and someone who might posses the competencies to help you out is able to find...


17 September 2015

I had the honour to act as a film critic in connection with the campaign for a great film - "Everest" - which premiered yesterday. A film that I can highly recommended for anyone who either have a...


31 August 2015

Oliver Sacks, a fascinating and clever man with an interesting and different life and life choices and whom I have previously written about, died yesterday, August 30, 2015. Check him out...


25 August 2015

Besides the fact that my favourite authors as a young teenager among many were Stephen King and John Fowles, then my secret faible was The Karate Kid! Both the movies, the original ones...


17 August 2015

A couple of my old drawings from when I was little. When my uncle Uffe and other artists could get good money for their work, then I as a child also thought that I ought to. So here is my first...