I hate inspiration. It takes you over completely. I could never wait until it passed and I got rid of it” - Henry Miller. That being said, below you will find a bit on what inspires me. There could be something in the rubble to inspire you too.

Forbes Interview

Exciting talk with Professor and PhD. Robert C. Wolcott; published by one of the worlds most respected business publications and platforms FORBES.



12 February 2012

In 2012, I designed this cover for the organization Maternity Worldwideis, a charity which works in low-income countries to help women and girls access the high quality maternal health care...


12 January 2012

My newest acquisition from Dan Schein - an exciting American artist. It was very interesting first being with an established artist - one of the biggest alive - as Marc Quinn - and then later...


08 December 2011

Ragnar Persson is younger, Swedish guy whose work is filled with contrasts in their collage expression. It is pure classroom in secondary school/innocence with my little pony/spiced with...


04 December 2011

Stephen Ives is a super cool guy from Australia. His work is innovative and his sculptures very imaginative. He has the ability to show and create detailed pieces, containing both absurdity...


29 November 2011

Not to do a buddha on you... Have a great day!